The packages were developed to evolve according to your needs. They allow you to use the software as needed . You will be billed according to the number of bookings made in fleetmanageronline. The basic booking price is $0.45. The more bookings you make in the system, the bigger your discount. The table below shows how much you can save according to the number of bookings you make.

Our billing algorithm verifies the appointments in the database 24 hours before the appointments and aggregates the number of reservations. Your rate will be adjusted depending on the number of reservations made during the month.

Fleetmanageronline will not bill you if no appointments have been booked.

All you have to do is “Click here to sign up”. The application will be up and running as soon as your registration is completed. Don't forget, Fleetmanageronline is offering you the first trial month for free!


Monthly Cost

Unit cost aditional

0 to 99 0$ 0.45$
100 39.95$ 0.12$
400 59.95$ 0.12$
700 89.95$ 0.12$
1000 119.95$ 0.12$
1500 169.95$ 0.10$