• The flight Schedule offers a wide range of possibilities in order to see by day, week, month or over a time line.
  • Search flight schedules by instructor, client or vehicle.
  • Ability to see all the vehicles or instructors simultaneously by day, week, month or by timeline.
  • Day View allows you to see appointments for all the instructors or vehicles for an entire day or as a side-by-side.
  • The screen is designed to use drag and drop mode. This function allows you to change the instructor, plane or timeframe just by dragging a schedule.
  • You can create a one time schedule or a recurring schedule with a high frequency. You can create weekly schedules, schedules for several times per week, every month, every first or second day of the month or year etc.
  • The flight schedule manages conflicts. A special screen shows conflicts during schedule changes and allows for efficient management.
  • The schedule manager will notify you by changing the icon colour of the schedule, client or instructor boxes if there is a license or medical problem.
  • When you run your mouse over the schedule a tooltip with a photo of the client allows you to see the appointment and all the information associated with them.
  • Depending on the configuration of the contacts included in a given schedule, a notice of schedule modification will be automatically sent to your client and/or your instructor by email.