• Allows you to enter a type of contact such as a company or an individual.
  • A photo can be attached to the contact. The photo is loaded via a user-friendly tool. The photo can be cropped, pivoted or rotated.
  • Contacts can also contain several addresses, telephone numbers or emails. It is possible to sort the information to determine if it is for their home, office, etc.
  • A star for each type of information allows you to determine which of the information is the principal means of contacting them.
  • It is possible to enter license or medical renewals for a contact. The renewals are displayed on the schedule screen so that you can efficiently manage the renewals for employees and clients alike. A renewal report screen is also available to you.
  • A box to enter a reference for your contact to an accounting system or any other system.
  • You can also manage access to the system and the roles from this screen.