Online Client Reservation


Online reservation allows clients or instructors who are not allowed to change the schedule to book a training course in a few clicks. Our unique method allows the client to find training availabilities with only a few search criteria and without seeing the school’s schedule. The algorithm checks availabilities and suggests a time slot at the requested time or as close as possible to the original request. It also takes your business hours into account.

The school immediately sees it, thanks to a booking request status bar located at the top of the screen. With ingenious shortcuts, you can quickly reach the schedule to visualize all the bookings and approve the request.

The user can also see all the reservations that concern him, whether it is booked by the school or by him. An image of the booked plane and teacher will be featured. Icons give a visual reference to quickly see if the booking requests are approved or not.

Depending on the user configuration, he may receive a notification email that will confirm the appointment. The instructor can also receive an email to better prepare his training course.